Web Hosting Service

The Information Technology Center has prepared a web server that is essential for information communication. It frees you from complicated hardware management and allows you to communicate information easily by forwarding your data to a web server managed and operated by this Center.

What is Web Hosting Service?

Recommended for

  • Persons with limited hardware knowledge.
  • Persons who want to transmit information, but have no server.

Equipment and services provided

  • Specified disk capacity.
  • Web content publication configuration.
  • DNS domain master.
  • Virtual domain.
  • Access log.
  • Server maintenance.

Charge plan (Monthly amount)

  • 2,000 yen for every 5GB disk capacity

Internal Rules on the Use of Services

Applications, etc. (PDF)

Web Hosting Service

Server Housing Service

New registration of service was stopped (2012/12/12).

Where to Submit Documents and Contact General Affairs, Information Promotion Division, Information & Communications
  Phone : 052-789-4354
Technical Inquiries Information System Group, Information Infrastructure Section, Information & Communications
  Phone : 052-789-4371

April 2011