The Information Technology Center of Nagoya University originally started with the general purpose computer Fujitsu FACOM230-60 in 1971, installed a supercomputer since 1987, it has been used for a number of researchers on the scientific computing field. We installed new system Supercomputer "Flow" and started computing services at July 2020. By supplying services such as "Computing" accommodating researcher demand for the large-scale computing, "Post Processing" to enable visualization, computer statistics, data mining of the Big-Data from the Computing service, "Data Intensive Computing" providing new services distributed data processing, distributed database, and small virtual computer for lab, etc., we supports academic research a wide range of universities and other institutes. From 2010, as one institute of the network type joint usage and collaborative research center (JHPCN) in Japan, we play a role in the research and development of high-performance computing technology.

Furthermore, from 2010, we have joint research projects in cooperation with Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory (STEL) of Nagoya University, and Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center (HyARC) of Nagoya University, to promote academic research and advanced technology of highperformance computing in fluid, plasma, and general area of computational science. Moreover, from 2012, we works as resource providers for the High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) in Japan, to accelerate the wide range of HPC utilization from the exploratory researches to the large-scale and industrial research, to enlarge and foster computational science community and to best utilize the achievements for the society by matching the needs and available resource on a nation wide scale.


Overview of Supercomputer "Flow"

Supercomputer "Flow"

Visualization system

Visualization system

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